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Multiple Industrial Solutionsmore

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Mobile App service requires a short development cycle and quick launch. The service access requests have great uncertainty. Customers want to use Big Data technology to achieve fine-grained operation. Huawei Enterprise Cloud enables mobile App service to improve product experience, enhance customer stickiness, and promote service development.

  • Website Solutions

    Website Solutions

    For enterprises of different scales, Huawei Enterprise Cloud provides flexible, scalable, and low-cost website solutions, helping enterprises create websites rapidly.

  • eCommerce Cloud

    eCommerce Cloud

    For online retailers of different scales, Huawei Enterprise Cloud provides one-stop cloud solutions, enabling customers to deploy their services rapidly with low costs. The solutions feature high elasticity, reliability, concurrency, and security, making it easy for customers to deal with promotion, online shopping sprees, and hot sale scenarios.

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    For precision marketing, Huawei Enterprise Cloud provides cloud solutions with high performance, high reliability, and low cost. Enable customers to build precision marketing platform, create online advertising auction, simplify system deployment and maintenance, and flexibly aggregate existing resources.

  • Game Cloud

    Game Cloud

    Huawei Enterprise Cloud offers comprehensive IT solutions for small- and medium-sized game enterprises, enabling mobile and online game services to be quickly launched, plus abrupt service requests and large concurrent access requests to be properly handled. 。

  • Virtual Carrier

    Virtual Carrier

    For virtual carriers, Huawei Enterprise Cloud provides sufficient and cost-effective infrastructure services, simplifying O&M, lowering IT cost, and ensuring the reliability and scalability of virtual carriers BOSS platforms.

  • Rendering Cloud

    Rendering Cloud

    Huawei Enterprise Cloud provides high-performance computing resources and massive storage resources for rendering service platforms, ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of rendering services.

  • Bio-science Cloud

    Bio-science Cloud

    Huawei Bioscience Cloud provides massive parallel computing resources and high-performance cloud infrastructure for services that require high-performance computing, such as genetic engineering, protein engineering, and bio-pharmaceuticals, to meet the high-performance computing and massive data storage requirements.


Jointly Construct Cloud Ecosystem with Partnersmore

  • 英特尔
  • SAP 思爱普(北京)软件系统有限公司
  • 中金数据系统有限公司
  • 中软国际科技服务有限公司
  • 天安数码城(集团)有限公司
  • 软通动力信息技术(集团)有限公司

Why Do We Choose Huawei?

Infrastructure Security

Infrastructure Security

  • Physical Environment Security

  • Network security Cloud

  • Platform Security

  • Device Security

Tenant Security

Tenant Security

  • Network Isolation

  • Data Security

  • Rights Management Mechanism

  • Attack Defense

O&M Security

O&M Security

  • Risk Management Security

  • Information and Incident

  • Privileged Account

  • Intelligent Analysis


Introduce Third-party Products for Security Hardening

  • 听云
  • 安全宝
  • Web漏洞扫描
  • 安全狗
  • 云安全
  • 云锁